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How Can Journaling Help Overcome Isolation During Covid-19?

Life has drastically changed after the emergence of the novel coronavirus. We never gave a second thought to simple things like travelling, meeting relatives, giving a warm hug to a friend, eating out, going to work or simply breathing in public without wearing a mask. However, such chores have become a nightmare for everyone, inflicting fear of lurking death for the past two years with no sign of respite. As soon as we sense that life is getting back to normal, another wave of a new, more deadly variant comes into existence, retracting us back to our shells like a threatened turtle.

There is no doubt that what we are experiencing is a once-in-a-century event, rattling the whole of humanity with dire consequences. Its immense global impact is affecting people’s mental health, financial security and well-being. Nobody is immune from the destruction coronavirus has caused over the past two years. Be it an adult, a caregiver,

or a loved one, someone in every family has contracted or succumbed to the disease. The impact of the contagious disease has compromised vital healthcare facilities and elevated everyone’s stress and anxiety to a whole new level.

It is becoming increasingly essential that we keep our mental health check during this pandemic in these testing times. There are many ways to ensure good mental health. One of the easiest and appealing is writing an online journal. Penning down our thoughts are incredibly beneficial for our mind as it lowers our frustration and anxiety.

How does journaling help reduce the fear of Covid-19?

● Looking at it from a caregiver’s point of view, from wearing uncomfortable gear for the whole day, fearing contracting the disease, seeing people suffering and dying every day, and not being able to come in close contact with family can be devastating. All these feelings and concerns need to come out, and nothing better than writing it all down.

● Adults are already vulnerable to contracting various diseases owing to their compromised immune systems. Being surrounded by such a contagious and deadly ailment can be highly problematic. Worse of all, social distancing and prolonged lack of social contact increase loneliness and trigger suicidal ideation. But, journaling your concerns as an adult can keep you level headed.

● If you are someone who is suffering from coronavirus, staying in quarantine is very challenging. Confining yourself in a room for days can be detrimental to your mental health. Imagine experiencing Covid-19 symptoms with no one to hug or care for you. A nightmare, indeed. However, journaling can be a lifesaver and distract your mind from self-defeating thoughts. It can encourage you and help you stay calm.

● Moreover, losing a family member to this fatal disease is very traumatic. If you have lost a close relative recently, make sure that your top priority is improving your mental well-being. All you need is an online journal to get you moving and survive.

While the world is supposedly going through one of the most challenging phases, the good news is that we can unite as a global community and support one another. Since nothing lasts forever, regardless of how dire the circumstances are, together, we can fight off the pandemic and pave the way for upcoming generations to live a healthy lifestyle. Thus, try taking things step-by-step. We can help you take the first step in the right direction if you are interested in journaling during Covid-19.

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