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6 risk factors of a brain tumor

Brain tumors are defined as a group of irregular-sized cells within your brain. Tumors can be cancerous, which is known as malignant and hence immensely dangerous. Tumors can also be noncancerous which is known as benign. Although cancerous tumors can be treated, knowing what measures can contribute to them occurring is essential. Some symptoms of brain tumors include headaches, memory issues, sleeping problems, feeling nauseous, drowsy tired. If these symptoms begin to occur, it is vital to have them checked out immediately. Catching a brain tumor in its early stages makes it easier to treat it.

Weighing out risk factors for any potential illness is important because it helps keep you informed. Although when it comes to brain tumors, many people have them without any familiar risk factors, we still find it essential to highlight some of the common critical risk factors that do exist for brain tumors:

  1. Sex. Studies show that cancerous brain tumors are most likely to be found in men compared to women of all ages. However, various types of brain tumors exist, and some of them, for example, meningioma, are more likely to be found in women.
  2. Age group. The chances of an individual getting a brain tumor increase as their age increases. Hence, as people grow older, they are at a higher risk of getting a brain tumor. That, however, does not remove the possibility of brain tumors occurring regardless of any age.
  3. Family history. Family history matters when immensely when it comes to illness and diseases. Brain tumors’ chances of being passed down from family are slim, but they do exist.
  4. Unique history. Personal history also has an impact on the risk factors of brain tumors. Individuals who are HIV positive are at a higher risk for a brain tumor. Moreover, The best Certified Hypnotherapist near me in Toronto. people with head injuries can be at risk of a brain tumor known as meningioma to occur. Seizures, too, have been said to aid in increasing the dangers of brain tumors occurring. However, studies also show that seizures occur due to tumors. Therefore, it is not completely certain which causes which. Additionally, history with medication can also influence brain tumors. For example, using anti-inflammatory medicinal drugs like Motrin and Advil can reduce the likelihood of brain tumors.
  5. Harmful radiations. Being exposed to traditions such as getting radiation therapy done at a young age can also put you at risk for brain tumors. Including proper radiation therapy, x rays of the head or CT scans can also be another example in which radiation may give rise to higher chances of brain tumors.
  6. Exposure. Being exposed to rubber, solvents or pesticides, or insecticides increase the chances of brain tumors. Studies have shown that pesticides are neurotoxicants and can be especially harmful if revealed to anyone during prenatal stages. This can result in a higher risk of childhood brain tumor.

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