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Beginner Yoga For Upper Back Pain: An Exclusive Guide

Do you have a stiff back? That could be due to excessive sitting with slouched shoulders. Moreover, being idle can decrease your overall flexibility and agility. Thus, you suffer from joint pain, cervical, shoulder pain, or even worse, stiff upper back.

What to do then? One of the best tools is to practice yoga. Don’t know to begin the practice? Relax! You can practice beginner yoga for upper back painthat is going to heal your pain. The following are some of the best beginner-friendly yoga poses that you practice every day. Give it a go.

Beginner-friendly Yoga Poses For Upper Back Pain

Cat-Cow Stretch

It gently massages your upper back. Further, practicing the cat-cow stretch improves the engagement of your scapula muscles. Hence, you learn to engage more muscles to support proper posture throughout the day.

To practice this, get on your all-fours. Simply stretch out your scapula by pushing your upper back towards the ceiling. After staying in that stance for a few seconds, contract your scapula by squeezing your upper back. Repeat the motion a few times. 

Thread Under the Needle

It stretches one side of your upper back at a time. Moreover, it works on your middle back. Hence, it ensures that you become more flexible.

To begin with, place your knees on the ground. Bend forward and let your head touch the ground. Keep your spine straight and take your left arm to your right in front of your chest. Breathe for a few seconds and repeat the pose on the other arm.

Child’s Pose

It decompresses your upper and lower back. Further, it removes muscle tension from your legs, hips, and lower back.

Start with sitting on your shin bones. Slowly move your hips to the back such that you sit on your calves. Place your hips on your calves and bend forward. Keep your hands in front of you. Further, keep your head over your arms.

Puppy Pose

It increases the flexibility of your spine and shoulders. Moreover, it massages your knees and increases their mobility.

Get on your all fours. Slowly move your hands forward such that your head touches the ground. Extend your arms so that you feel a stretch in your shoulders. Keep your knees in alignment with your hips. Thus, it stretches your hips, knees, shoulders, and upper back.

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Spine Twist

Your spine is designed to move in every direction. Thus, the spine twist works on increasing the flexibility of your spine towards the side.

Lie on your back and place your arms and legs close to your body. Take your left leg and fold it. Now place your left knee close to your right knee. Make sure your lower back and waist do not get off the ground.

Bow Pose

It is one of the best poses of beginner yoga for upper back pain. Since it stretches your core muscles, it also improves your digestion. Moreover, it releases pain from your waist, hip joints, knees, or shoulders.

Lie on your stomach and get hold of your legs by folding them. Once you have a solid hold of your ankles, pull your legs towards your shoulders. It stretches your abdominal area, shoulder joints, hips joints, and ankles.

Why Practice Beginner Yoga For Upper Back Pain

Better Flexibility

You are suffering from pain because you are inactive for so long. Even if you are doing a lot of activity, the chances are your spine is not flexible enough.

Therefore, you should practice various beginner yoga poses to improve the flexibility of your spine.

More Mobility

Your spine is structured through a combination of small joints. When your smaller joints lose their mobility, you suffer from pain. Practicing yoga can improve the agility and mobility of these smaller joints.

Further, practicing yoga massages the spine, and releases fluids into your joints that lubricates them.

Better Posture

Slouching your shoulders puts a lot of stress on your whole body. Thus, different joints have to bear more than the required burden of your muscles. So, you need to practice strengthening your muscles, joints, and muscle tendons.

Thus, you can sit straight in a perfect posture the whole day long.

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Removes Tension

Sitting idle for too long stiffens your muscles. Hence, any kind of movement becomes difficult or painful. Practicing yoga ensures that any kind of stress is relieved from your bones, tendons, muscle tissues, or joints.

Hence, you can move freely without feeling any pain or discomfort in your body.

Range of Motion

Every muscle in your body has a definite range of motion. If you do not use them frequently, they lose their abilities over time. So, what you need to do is to practice yoga every day.

It ensures that your muscles, tendons, and joints are used regularly. Over time, the range of motion of your joints increases. Thus, you can move freely without feeling any kind of restriction.

Tips to Keep In Mind While Practicing Yoga

  • Do warm-up exercises to get your body ready.
  • While practicing the forward-bending pose, don’t push more than required.
  • Know when to stop if you feel discomfort while practicing yoga.
  • Practice spine twisting poses to improve your spine flexibility.
  • Eat fiber and protein-rich diet to improve your muscle repair and digestion.
  • Cool down your body once you are done practicing yoga.

End Note

If you remain lazy, lethargic, or immobile for a longer duration, you might experience back pain, shoulder stiffness, or joints pain. Therefore, moving your body is very important. Physical activity not just keeps you fit but also increases your metabolism. This way, you remain lean, strong, and fit.

It can be very confusing to start a yoga practice. To avoid any confusion and have a perfect start for your yoga journey, you can join a yoga fitness center. You can rest assured to learn every bit of yoga knowledge from expert yoga practitioners.

Once you learn the significance of having a physically active routine, you can incorporate yoga practice into your life. Practice yoga daily and you can witness the positive results. Hence, you gain better flexibility, agility, and get relieved from pain.

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