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Drugs that may cause erection problems

The use of a wide range of medical medications and therapies can reduce sexual desire and arousal, such as medicine for Hypertension, euphoric effects, diabetes, cancer, Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, Antiepileptics, Contraceptives pill, etc. These medicines can lead you to ED. But there are many over-the-counter medicines in the market, like Cenforce 100,  ,Generic  Viagra, etc.

Antihypertensives, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and ant-androgens are medicines of the same division.

The doctor can easily prescribe the right therapy for a person and his partner if he knows the possibility of drug-induced sexual problems and the adverse effects of the user on compliance with the drug process.


Various prescription drugs exacerbate sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Non-adherence is more common in patients with ED or impotence due to drug side effects. This effect is seen with the use of antihypertensive and antipsychotic medicines Like Vidalista 20 . In addition to drug side effects, drinking alcohol and overuse of various recreational substances such as opiates and stimulants can disrupt sexual function. Drugs that cause sexual dysfunction are discussed below.

Hypertension treatment options

Any sexual dysfunctions are associated with high blood pressure. Overusing antihypertensive pills can cause this problem, resulting in poor adherence to prescribed medication.

A study conducted around the world found that erectile dysfunction was found in about 20% of men who were taking beta-blockers for high blood pressure. Diuretic drugs such as alpha agonists decrease sexual desire and performance.

The reports of the different researchs show erectile dysfunction is linked with beta-blockers, which need to be used to prevent hypertension. These reports stated that approximately 20% of males using these beta-blockers suffered from the health condition. Besides these, erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia are connected with Diuretics and centrally-acting alpha agonists such as clonidine. These medications Fildena 100 can decrease sexual desire and ability. Using the angiotensin receptor blocker spironolactone may lead to erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia, which can decrease Sexual pleasure and sexual desire

Researchers say in some short studies, clonidine, prazosin, and alpha-adrenergic drugs can cause ED because these reduce sexual arousal and desire. Again, the angiotensin II receptor in hypertensive women works the opposite way because it works better than the beta-blocker atenolol to increase sexual desire.

Drugs with euphoric effects

In addition to medicine, therapy, or surgery, psychological treatment of the patient is also essential in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is also extremely essential to get idea about how they are concerned about their health after using the drug. You should be concern, if you want to get rid from the problem

Studies have shown that 70% of depressed people suffer from sexual dysfunction. So depression and sexual problems are well-connected. Various surveys suggest that 30-80% of women and 45-80% of men with schizophrenia have sexual problems. But most people cannot distinguish how much their disease and drug use have affected sexual activity.


Antidepressant medicines may decrease sexual desire. So in most cases, Sexual problems are typical for the users of different antidepressant drugs. Medicines that block serotonin and noradrenalin reuptake reduce lubrication and dry out the genitals. As a result, in users, sexual arousal is reduced or eliminated. So to prevent premature ejaculation, many times, anti-antidepressant is prescribed. Again, researchers say high doses of tricyclic antidepressants can reduce sexual desire and ability. Again it has been shown that Nortriptyline has a more significant effect on erectile dysfunction than clomipramine.


Antipsychotics also affect your sexual function more than other medicine. However, there are not enough reviews on this matter that proves it cause ED or erection problem.

Researchers say that in men who use antipsychotic drugs daily, side effects, erectile dysfunction, sexual ability, and desire decrease. Again, as a side effect of this medicine, anorgasmia and decreased sexual desire can be seen in women. In women who suffer from dyspareunia, estrogen can be targeted, causing vaginal atrophy. Again, galactorrhea is a problem that can affect both men and women.


Antiepileptic medicines also cause sexual dysfunction. Topiramate and Gabapentin, the popular Antiepileptic in recent times, may decrease the libido in women and create orgasmic dysfunction in men.


Regular use of oral contraceptives can decrease the testosterone level in women. In this case, sexual desire may decrease among them. But minimal data support this information. So, these oral contraceptives may affect the social setting, such as relationships or marriage.

According to the report, 15% of contraceptive drug users may have some side effects, such as weight gain, vaginal shrinkage, weight gain, and also diminished libido.  

Cancer treatments

If you are diagnosed with cancer in any part of the body and undergo treatment, it may affect your sexual life. Prostate and breast cancer patients need to use gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists, which have hypogonadism. It will reduce your sexual desire, ability and performance, the result is erectile dysfunction (ED) or orgasmic dysfunction.

Lower urinary tract symptoms treatment and BPH

With lower urinary tract symptoms, 72.2 percent of men who take medication for this problem have erectile dysfunction, and 37.7 percent do not. Lower urinary tract surgery can relieve it, but it can cause erectile dysfunction and problems with the ejaculatory organs.

It has been shown that doxazosin and other alpha-blockers used to treat prostatic hyperplasia are not create bad effect than placebo in terms of sexual performance. Again, erectile dysfunction has been found in 10% of men who treated this problem with tamsulosin.

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