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When looking for essay writing assistance, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Every student encounters an assigned form of writing during their academics. Therefore, all the students must develop their writing skills. 

Essays can be a challenging and rewarding type of writing and are usually assigned unless done in class, which requires prior planning and training (and a bit of creativity) on the part of the student, or as preparation, which likewise demands a certain amount of education. Many badly crafted essays have been produced on account of a lack of training and determination. However, learners can avoid the embarrassment often incorporated with essay writing help by learning some common genres.

We will describe the basic concepts that every student should keep in mind when you are going to write the essay. These basic concepts will help you to improve the performance of your essay.

Use simple sentences 

Complicated sentences are always confusing not only for the teachers reading your essay but also for the students themselves. When you write structure or text in complicated sentences, it doesn’t define your elaborated writing skills. Rather it may indicate your inability to define the information and logically. The chances of grammar mistakes and stylish errors.

Do Make your Essay Easy to Read

Most instructors disclose that they only skim the essay to get an idea of student knowledge about the topic and how well they had followed the guidelines. Therefore, it is the best idea to organize your essay so that it is very clear and visible to understand the content while skimming the essay. Moreover, you should also use clear instructions and write to the point to get rid of extra phrases and words.

In the introduction, there should be a thesis statement.

The entire research paper depends upon the thesis statement. It will help your writing to improve; therefore, it should be to the point and be strong. A thesis statement will be shown in the introduction of your research paper, followed by a strong hook statement that draws your reader’s attention. A thesis statement is generally one sentence, and it should be defined properly to help the Readers be well aware of what they will in our paper. Moreover, it is an important part of the introduction, and you should not make your thesis the first line of the introduction, but it should also be kept at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Do Cite Examples

You should cite an example from any literature, scientific work, etc. If you’d like to use one of their examples,your own experience that you have read, but it should be avoided as when you are going to cite an example, it is essential to mention its source of information. due to which your examples will be more promising and shows the reliable source of information 


  1. Do Discuss Literature in the Present Tense

When you are going to write a literary review or essay that depends on literary works, it is advised that you should use the present tense as it adds more realism to the story and make it more interesting, and confirms the feeling of the audience’s presence of interest.

  1. Do Revise your Writing Thoroughly

Proofreading is a very important task in every examination as it helps you find your small mistakes and alternatively enhances your performance. It not only includes using the word processing tools that check spelling errors and grammatical mistakes for you, but you should read It yourself to mind more mistakes. 

If you have anyone who can proofread your task, that would be a great idea for finding errors.

  1. Avoid repeating the phrases.

 You should never use the same sentence structure and words repeatedly because it may down your performance. Instead, you should use different syntax structures to illustrate your writing capabilities and make your writing more interesting.

 Should think about your own opinion

It would be best if you took the time to find out your opinion about the topic instead of rewriting others’ opinions. if you are paraphrasing all the words in the paragraph, it will become dull and boring, so to increase the interest of the audience, you should think independently and should not be afraid to demonstrate that you are doing so much

 Try to Use Advanced Vocabulary

The objective of an essay is to show your knowledge about the topic, express your ability to choose the right vocabulary, and show your expert level in the language.

Your essay should define your vocabulary progress since primary school, i.e., using high-level vocabulary and replenishing good and nice with appropriate synonyms to define their meaning properly.

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 Choose Proper Type, Style, and Format

Teachers want to see the first and foremost thing in their essay is correct format, structure, and style depending on the essay’s topic. It is essential to follow the defined structure and format. It helps you to organize your essay in a better way.

  1. The Body/Intro and Conclusion:

Have you started your introduction, then fill in the body, and complete the conclusion? Or you want to do it in another way? You can do as you want because there is no specific way to write the research paper.

It completely depends on your preference. 

 Despite how you are performing your work, you should follow a predefined method. 

  1.  Introduction –should include a thesis statement supported by a hook statement(catches the reader’s eye) and a menu sentence ( list of what u are going to discuss).
  1.  Body paragraphs — every body paragraph should come from the menu statement you have mentioned in the introduction. The body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that shows what you will write in it. Furthermore, the topic sentence should be proved by the sources.
  1. Conclusion — in conclusion, you should redefine your introduction and thesis in different words. And most importantly, it should be ended with something that can be remembered.

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