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Pearl Mala – Representation Of The Planet Moon

You can now choose the best pearl mala to wear as a jewelry piece in your necklace or for holistic purposes. Pearls have been around for a long time, and many people love their sheen. Women have been wearing them for a long time, to adorn their beauty. Pearls are a representation of the moon and they are believed to bring peace and calmness.

Also called ‘moti,’ pearls are one of the best offerings from nature. Oysters create pearls inside their shells. To more about them, you should read on.

How Do You Obtain Pearls?

One of the most loved gems stones, you get them in natural as well as cultured versions. Moreover, they occur in a wide variety of colours. The most common colors in pearls, are white and cream. However, black, gray, and silver are also available. You will get all types of pearls, in jewellery, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and bangles. While most gemstones are found in the earth, this is one of the gemstones, which is found in the ocean and waterbodies. Pearls are formed when any kind of foreign body, like food particles or a parasite, slips inside the mantle of any mollusk and settles down inside the mantle. It is basically the muscular wall, which houses the organs.

When such a thing happens, the mollusk secretes a liquid to defend itself. It contains aragonite, which is a carbonate mineral. However, that is not all, and it contains many proteins as well. The secretions and the foreign body are together called the mother of pearl. Pearls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them also resemble snow flakes. Nowadays, many farmers are also growing pearls as a business. So, you can access pearls in abundance.

Benefits Of Wearing The Pearl Mala

The pearl mala has a lot of benefits for the wearer. As you already know, the pearl can lessen the impact of the harmful effects of the moon, if it is exalted. An afflicted planet can bring about a lot of sorrow and disrepute to just about anyone. It can cause a lot of conflicts in relationships. There are astrological benefits of wearing the pearl mala as well as health ones.

Astrologically speaking, the mala has the following benefits-

  •         It can increase the power of the moon in your lives and bring about a steadiness in relations and also signifies softness.
  •         If you are not stable, then also you can wear the mala.
  •         It is also recommended for people, who get angry very easily.
  •         If you have problems with sleeping, then also you can wear the mala.
  •         It also increases the beauty of women. At least, the onlooker feels that you are more beautiful than the others.
  •         If you wear pearls, you can achieve great fame.
  •         Pearls also bring in great fortune, for the wearer.

Now, if you come to health benefits, the pearl can help you in the following ways.

  •         It can cure depression, cure mental illness, and also improves the intelligence levels of the wearer.
  •         If you have blood pressure issues, or any kind of bladder problem, then also you can wear pearls.
  •         There are many diseases that are caused due to an afflicted moon, like throat issues, eye issues, and dysentery. You can cure the same, by wearing the mala.

The Pearl Mala For Japa and Meditation

You can use the mala for japa, that are offered to Devis like Saraswati and Bala. The pearl mala consists of 108 pearls of one size and one extra one. The diameter of the sun is 108 times more than the earth, and so there are 108 pearl beads. Moreover, according to Ayurveda, there are 108 Marma points in the human body.

You as a holistic practitioner, can use the mala as a counting device. It is mainly used to count the number of mantra recitations that one completes during meditation. It also serves as a physical cue to recite the mantras. The large bead, usually denotes the start and the end of the mantra recitation. The best malas have pearl beads that are properly strung together, so that they have longevity. You can enhance your practice, when the goals are in alignment with the objectives fulfilled by the moon.

Final Words

Most holistic practitioners use the malas, to enhance the attributes of the moon. So, you can use the same as well. Before you buy the mala, make sure that it is from the best manufacturer or seller. Good quality malas can give you a lot of benefits and lead you in the right direction. You can buy from trusted sources like Holistic Kart, which sells the best malas in the country and globally as well. If you want to satiate the planet moon, and get all its positive attributes and blessings, buy a mala today and see for yourself. 

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